Web documentary

A backpack, a camera

JauneMarine, so uhh me, is going on the spot, in Argentina and Central America, carrying my little camera to record what I see. I have little equipment, a small onboard camera, a notebook, a microphone, in order to remain discreet. I go there and I shoot what I see. I meet locals, collect interviews from various players of the same theme, each with their own convictions.

Just as scientific research, I have the most objective approach and does not intend to convey an opinion through the videos. It is not activism, quite the contrary. The goal is to break away as much as possible from biased media talk. I am independent and autonomous and that’s what makes the interest and the strength of the information that I provide you.

Investigation under the microscope
I do not intend to reveal great truths. I act at my own level. The context of the topic of pesticides use is so vast that it is very difficult to analyze every corner. It is my duty not to rush to judgment and dissect every « truth » I’ll be given me. I apply the same scientific reasonning in the documentary web.

I do not pretend to have the expertise of a journalist and be able to draw any broad conclusions all by myself. That’s not the goal.

The first use of the report is to introduce you to an issue, a context that is little known. In Europe and elsewhere outside of the South American continent, little is known about the techniques of intensive agriculture, use of pesticides and seed market. Even less about possible effects on health.

In the context of current globalization, even what is happening in Argentina has repercussions in France. They are not always visible, but the flow of supply of raw foods such as cereals are nevertheless there. It is not conceivable to stay blind and refuse to be informed.

The second purpose of the report is therefore to allow to form an informed opinion and away from any influence on a subject at the heart of debates in Argentina and in the world.

Soon you will have access to my first video on this page!


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