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sponsoringAlthough my style of travel is far from luxury hotels , red carpet and towel swan-shaped on my pillow , some expenses are unavoidable and lighten the wallet . The first is housing , although the months spent on the boat will be exempted of this one, find a not too dirty corner where you can relax and rest is one of the fundamental needs you got when you travel. Plus it is every day! I intend to use Couchsurfing but I certainly can not expect to live 10 months on the Couchsurfing community.

After housing follows public transports especially coaches. It is the safest and cheapest but also the longest in South America way of transport. Of course, compared to our western country prices , routes are not very expensive. However, the distances are not … on the same scale . To get a travel cost even less expensive, there is the technique of hitchhiking . Nevertheless, I still quite hesistant to this idea at the moment . Not knowing well enough the hitch-hiking sovcial conditions in each different country, I probably would decide once there .

And finally, among the most basic needs is food.

To all this should be added the expenses called  » surprises » like … buy a new camera because your has been stolen, pay drinks in Mexico City , buy a tent and walking shoes , eating lobster in Nicaragua, pay a natural park entry fee that are sometimes super expensive.

Soon this page will display a link via a collaborative funding web site to support the Latitude23°26″16′ and JauneMarine in my adventures. When you click, you hear my heart thank you . I swear to god !

More articles in English here.


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