Challenge: environmental health

The second big challenge of the whole Latitude 26°23″16′ concerns what, on hell what?!, I am going to do once in Latin America.

logomondeSpeak Spanish

Eat spicy stuff


Meet locals

Sleep in a hammock

Eat fruits, fruits, fruits!







But honestly, 10 months of eating fruits cannot be a serious plan.

As I am a biolgy&health student as certifies my (soon to be, shhhhh!) degree from Bordeaux university, I am very interested in health issues but even more in solving them!

So besides the fancy « I’m gonna cross the atlantic sailing » from cloud cuckoo land, the actual first idea was to get involved on the field to help populations that need it the most with health related issues and treatments. Indeed, it’s been 4 years I dedicated my time to study biological processes and diseases in humans. I know how physiology works with tiny details from genetics to pathology. But do I actually know what disease is? What health care is? Protected by our western society, I didn’t get access to the core aspect of all that, the very reason why I chose to commit to biology: the human factor.

I am not sure yet what I want to be, what ‘career’ is for me. What I am certain of is that I need to see health care and participate. I need to see with my own eyes why research is important and useful in fact.

Obviously, the best for me would be to take active part in the treatment or in biomedical strategies and techniques available to answer sanitary problems in South and Central America.

Although, I am also willing to help with health awareness, going along with education, about sexual, infectious, avoidable diseases. Raise public awareness is the very first step of the solution: avoid people to get sick, what a brilliant idea!

There are some other aspects I could work on not linked in such a straightforward manner to health care: water access and purification, traditional medicine, study the effects of environement on health on a toxicology approach…and more.

As soon as I find a boat or a health solidarity program, you’ll be the first to know!

Nonetheless, a little help is always appreciated so if you can by anyway contribute or help me realize these two projects, contact me!

More articles in English here.


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