Sail the atlantic

No experience in sailing, no strict idea of a destination country, no big budget but crazy ideas filling my head and all the ambition of the world to make it happen.

Initially, the idea was to cross the Atlantic sailing.

Unfortunately, the tides and currents calendar is not in agreement with the one of agricultural cultures in Argentina. So, I absolutely need to be in early September on the spot, the exact time the crossing was planned.

The number one quality of a traveller: flexibility! The study of pesticides is the purpose for which I travel to Latin America, it would not make sense to leave it aside in favor of the crossing. Go to America but for what? No.

map trajetHowever, this sailing trip is close to my heart, it is the cause of my decision to leave. That is why, instead, I decided to go back to South American side sailing to arrive in the carraibean sea and end in Central America. This adventure will last 1 to 2 months still, Jan-Feb!

In my current state of mind, this part of the trip represents the biggest challenge. This is the first I will encounter too. The simple thought of getting on a ship with 10km of water unerneath and thousands km of water surounding is quite… scary! Not mentionning living in 10m² with at least 2 other people for 20 days every s-i-n-g-l-e minute, the terrible can food, the somewhat risk of storm…

But on the other hand, it also means incredible freedom sensations, confront mother nature, sail with whales and flying fishes, sunrise and sunset on the sea…

That will not be easy, and even though I am trying to, I am probably not ready for it. I think I’ll never be ready, until I’m there.

More articles in English here.


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