3 months in Cordoba-with a mission

we can do itArticle en français ici.

I found it!

« We can do it » as the brave US factory woman says.

The months of January, February and March 2015 are planned, I am going for a mission in Cordoba , Argentina. I speak of mission, but it will be an internship officially. However, given the fact that I am sent there more or less independently , I feel more like going on a special mission! Special reporter JauneMarine !

I explain you all because it is a bit of a mess.

I will work for Wageniguen Universiteit (NL) but sent to Argentina as part of an international project called Coroado funded by the European Union. The project is very comprehensive and is intended to analyze the environment at specific sites in order to implement it in a second time systems water recycling . It involves many universities around the world , including Brazil , Italy , Greece and the Netherlands and Argentina.

But in what matter do I get invovled in ?

The project is very large and has several objectives, and it is divided into mini projects in research departements. The team who took me under his wing Wageniguen is studying soil pollution . More specifically , I will observe the spread of glyphosate ( the main pesticide widely known as Round*up) in the environment and its impact on health in the Cordoba region where its use is almost systematic. A scientific mission but also dedicated to improving people’s haelth , especially evaluating a source of preventable disease.

I have 3 months to take samples of land ( pretty easy !) But also gather evidence and interviews with farmers , doctors and other people in contact with the pesticide to discover whether there is a causal link as it is suspected.

I immediately begin a deep diving into scientific papers that relate directly or indirectly to the subject, and long hours waiting for me pulling my hair off to set up a perfect questionnaire and then refine the project. But it ‘s for a good cause and I am over motivated.



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