Adventure is never far…Paris!


48 hours in Paris : encounters, passionated conversations , back to a wanderer mindset and even improvised photo shooting … adventure is never far !

As I already said earlier , I went to Paris (where I have been for 7 years) for the festival organized by the ABM travelers association.

The capital is not far from Amsterdam , about 5h by car, and is in my own country, is steeped in my own culture , yet the spirit of the adventure was everywhere. At every street corner, in every eye.

So here we go ! Backpack on shoulders, soft cushion to rest on the road * , comfortable shoes and a cheerful and determined attitude!

I met many bienfaiteurs at ABM but not only!

Normally, there , there’s a word that sounds the hatches.

* Bienfaiteurs . Soon they will have nothing to them an article .

Already, the carpooling experience.

Carpooling is like hitch-hiking, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. Actually, that’s wrong. Hitch-hiking will make you encounter more or less friendly people. Carpooling is a science as exact. Anyway, I had great carpoolers : interesting and relevant conversations. Between platitudes , political debates, biology lessons, religions, and philosophy. Really, it’s always nice to face people willing to discuss all this.

At the ABM conference.

Many of the films , all telling stories as strong and amazing as each other. Between Marcheuses aux semelles de mots (walkers with soles words) , Florence and Sylvie that went from Dijon to St Jacques de Compostela and back from September to February (6 months !) walking in the snow; Solidream, three strong guys who made a World tour on their bikes and Agnes baroud n’road student young that travelled from Beirut to Istanbul for a month with less than 100 € …

But also the adventures of Martin ( 11 years ) and his younger sister (5 years old) with his family who are doing a trip around the world in search of alternative ecological solutions. We could see a duplex on skype, currently in Africa. And you can follow their journey on France 5 now on from yesterday !

I know how it feels to read all this. It is impressive but ultimately not that much, because it is always difficult to put ourselves in their position, even if we ourselves had similar experiences. It is beyond us. And yet, I can tell you that seeing the videos they have made of these trips offers a different perspective. And then we realize a little more of how these adventures are transcendent, life-changing, and nothing but easy . I invite you to visit their webs sites!

Wandering in the Marais.

Saturday’s trip was focused on travels, Sunday I concentrated myself on Paris . Not knowing much about the city, I followed the advice I have been given to go for a walk in the Marais district.

But the first thing I did was to rush bakery to buy and eat a good croissant !

I was very pleasantly surprised because I remember a cold gray and noisy city , and I have actually found a quiet pleasant atmosphere ( outside the major boulevards ) and colorful. As usual, I got lost on purpose and I was not disappointed .

I even met photographers who were shooting a rue Grenier sur l’eau ( what a nice name). As I don’t quite have an artistic eye, I asked for a picture with my phone. Finally , it turned into improvised shooting as « You will have a way greater quality with my pro camera . » I check my emails every day since, waiting for the pictures!

Throughout my random journey , I came across a cafe which I’ve been infromed of too. Specializied in coffee, with a special atmosphere. I have read a few pages of a Guatemalan book and drink a Guatemalan café de la maison, what better start for my next trip to Latin America? Nothing.

I had no particular expectation for this weekend but I really enjoyed it and think it was really fulfilling. I felt that fire, that desire , to leave further away for longer. I’m ready. See, there is no need to go far to feel travel in my veins.

When is your turn ?


Article en français ici.

* I never used because way too chatty girl.

* I use this word since my trip to Canada to refer to all the people I meet who are easygoing, sharing , give hospitality or simply show a little warmth , a smile . Because they are actually beinfaiteurswho , each in their own way , the soul of my travels , and without whom the nomadic adventure would not be possible.


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