Meeting with another sailor-to-be

IMG_20140406_1641222This weekend I went on an adventure , a mini adventure : I went to Belgium to meet Elizabeth , a young woman full of enthusiasm with a mind full of dreams of travel, just like me, all the same.

And, wishing to cross the Atlantic Ocean , just like me I tell you !

So I could not to miss this opportunity to meet a lonely sweety who  have a hard time as me to find boats, skippers and associative structures in Latin America. Incidentally , I tasted Belgian fries and beers ! Even more important, I slept in a house with a garden in the countryside! It changes me from my « rabbit box » in Amsterdam.

So we talked a lot about our motivations – why dive in such a challenging project? The thirst for adventure, where does it come from after all ? I think we agreed that it is mainly listenning to the adventures of other travelers , friends, family or strangers , who made grow the seed of wanderlust in us. Spoken transmissible knowledge is not dead , despite all the social networks, and this is probably the most effective way to share their experiences and give envy to others.

Much of our conversations have touched upon the dream and all the wandering thoughts that haunt our nights and keep coming back as soon as we have the head in the clouds.

Imagine, Imagine, Imagine…

And of course, the good part of our discussion was about our concerns about the practical aspects (do we need a visa?, Health check up before departure, living on a boat, transports on site etc) but also about the difficult task of finding a boat. And then, how to manage distance away from our loved ones, to adapt to a new culture

It was given some tips. In short, it was a great weekend with lots of blablablas as I like them, perfect to give a new motivation to continue with Latitude 23°26″16′ so let’s go on!



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